Experience Alvar Aalto’s modern masterpiece with all your senses


Paimio Sanatorium was finished at 1933 and it functioned as tuberculosis sanatorium for decades. It is a masterpiece by Alvar Aalto. Building itself is a healing element.

On our tour you’ll get to see this wonderful architecture from inside and also furniture and lamps that were designed for this building. Sanatorium was designed to be completely functional – for patients and staff both. Even colors follow the function of the room.

All tours with the guide! Without a guide admiring the building outside is possible, but remember NOT to take any photos of the people there. You can take photos of the building, but there can’t be any people in your photos that can be even remotely identified. This rule is strict to protect families staying in Sanatorium. Inside only entrance hall is public space.


The Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Children and Young People Mannerheim League for Child Welfare started at the Paimio Sanatorium on 1st of April 2014.

The Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Children and Young People was established in 2000 by the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare. Both the League and the Foundation are non-profit-making, non-governmental organizations concerned with child welfare and child protection as expressed in the UN Convention on the Rights of Children and in the objectives of the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The Foundation’s work concentrates on children and young people with chronic illnesses, injuries or psychosocial and developmental disorders and on their families. More information about their work click here


Alvar Aallontie 275, Paimio

  • Duration

    Standard tour 1,5h

  • Price

    Standard tour 1,5h
    90 € (1–6 persons).
    7 or more persons 15 € / person.
    Groups over 15 persons group leader free of charge.

    Highlights tour 1h
    60 € (1–5 persons).
    Only for 1-5 persons. We’ll visit as many rooms as we have time for.
    Note! Guide is booked for 60 minutes. If you arrive 10 mins late, your tour will be 50 mins.

    Themed tour 2h
    120 € (1–6 persons).
    7 or more persons 15 € / person + 30 € single payment.
    Groups over 15 persons group leader free of charge. 
    Choose theme for 5 different choices. 

    We accept only cash. Billing possible for companies, 4€ handling fee. Please contact us for more details.

  • Starting location

    Main Entrance.

  • Languages

    Finnish, English.

    Reservations well in advance: Swedish, German, Italian.

  • Notice

    You have to pre-book your visit. Our guides do not do this on daily basis, there is no one at the sanatorium unless you have informed us of your coming.

    June–August 2018 public tours every Saturday at 10.00 and Sunday at 16.00. No booking needed for individual travelers. For groups more than 15 persons booking is always recommended.

    There is no café at the Sanatorium.

  • Exceptions

    Sanatorium is closed during midsummer weekend 22.-24.6.2018 No tours.